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The quality of LUERYA Machinery is constantly monitored by using advanced measuring equipment such as a wide range of height, bore, and other gaging equipment, and hardness tester equipment. .
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Raw materials, extrusion, core filling, shaping, cutting, and flavoring can all be done simultaneously with the puffed snack product line. It is a high level of automation, a wide range of raw materials, machines, and products, and it is easy to operate. It can make puffed foods like snack foods with a center, biscuits that fill you up, healthy breakfast cereals, and cornflakes. When the products are puffed, they have a unique taste and are crunchy. They are the best foods to eat when you want to take it easy.
How It's made Corn Puff Snacks/Onion Ring Snack Making Machine
This Corn Puffs Snacks Making Machine have stable performance and have already reached advanced international level. From feeding materials, extrusion, drying and flavoring to the finished packing products are done once time with automatic. This Corn puffs snacks machine can make cheese ball, star shape, ring shape, curl shape and many other different shapes of puff snacks products only by changing different shapes of dies or moulds.2.Flow chart: Popcorn → Filting and separate→ Cooling → Sugar coating or flavoring → Packaging machine3. Capacity: 50kg/h;120-150kg/h; 250kg/h and up.
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