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soya protein food production line

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This product is ultra-thin and ultra-light, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose when worn. .
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BestQuality TVP Soya protein chunk production line Factory
1. BestQuality TVP Soya protein chunk production line Factory is developed and manufactured on the basis of our experience combining with the advanced machines from foreign countries. This line takes soybean meal and peanut meal as main raw materials. After milling, mixing, extruding and cutting, the meal becomes layer fiber structure. With high nutrition, the finished products look and taste like meat, absorb oil and water easily, no cholesterol and animal fat, so it is widely used in meat products industry, fast food production, deepfreeze food production and all kinds of vegetarian snacks and food.2. Mixer --- Screw conveyor --- Twin-screw extruder --- Air conveyor --- Dryer --- Cooling machine3. Capacity: 100kg/h,180kg/h, 300kg/h, 500KG/hLUERYA Machinery BestQuality TVP Soya protein chunk production line Factory,Complete parts safety stock, except for special parts, we can deliver the components each client needs in time.
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