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  • Algeria customer-250kghour Fish food production line
    Algeria customer-250kghour Fish food production line
    Pet fish food production line1. Automatic animal fish feed processing line can produce different shapes food for fish, also can produce animal feed, such as dog, cat etc.2. Through the pretreatment of the fodder, animal fish feed processing line can reduce loss of nutrition and advance the protein ratio. So the fodder will be digested easily by animals.3. The animal fish feed processing line adopts corn flour, wheat flour,low temperature soya flakes meal, rice bran , wheat bran as raw materials.Flow chart of pet fish food production lineMixing system---Extrusion system----Drying system----Flavoring system--Packing systemDepending on different request, the line could adjust as your special request.
  • Best Quality Successfully installed pet food production line for Japanese customers Factory
    Best Quality Successfully installed pet food production line for Japanese customers Factory
    Pet food production line is mainly made up with raw materials(like wheat powder, rice powder, corn powder etc.) treatment system ,extrusion system, drying system, flavoring system and controlling system, It has high stability and automatic performance, which offers the possibility to control the expansion of the extruder through various means to control the texture of the final product.Pet food machine can produce dog food, fish food, cat food, bird food etc by changing the moulds and formulas.
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