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LUERYA Machinery has passed a broad range of testing conducted by third-party testing labs. The testing mainly covers appearance after dry cleaning or washing, crease resistance/recovery, dimensional stability to washing, and flammability. .
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Best Vietnam customer feedback --Fried Instant noodle production line FactoryPrice-LUERYA Machinery
1. Fried Instant Noodles Making Machine Production Line  with perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance, is developed on the base of similar porducts and requirements in the world market. It reallizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished once. The investment of this line is only one tenth of large size equipment, especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprises. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenaciou, smooth and transparent. It is very easy to be saturated by water.2.Flow chart: Dough maker -- Shape Former -- Boiling Machine -- Cutting Machine -- Electric Fryer/Steam Fryer -- Cooler3. Capacity: 11000pcs/hrsLUERYA Machinery Best Vietnam customer feedback --Fried Instant noodle production line FactoryPrice-LUERYA Machinery
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