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volume measuring packing machine

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The product has a good pool cleaning effect. It's designed with a highly dense structure which prevents any small particles to get through. .
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GQK-1000 Volume measurement packaging machine
Introduction:1. Suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-adhesive, granular materials in food, medicine, chemical products, such as: packaging expanded foods, fried foods, shrimp, potato chips, peanuts, seeds, cereals, crushed dry noodles, granules , desiccants, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, detergent, etc.2. Performance characteristics: Imported PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, touch screen operation is simple and intuitive; Servo film transport system, accurate positioning, excellent overall performance, beautiful packaging;Perfect automatic alarm protection function to minimize the loss;The complete packaging process of metering, feeding, filling bag making and date printing can be automatically completed by matching the machine with the coding device;3. Technical features:Model: GQK-1000Bag length: 100-300mmBag width: 100-200mmPacking speed: 35-70bag/minFilling range: 10-1000mlPower specification: 2.0Kw/220VOutside dimension: 1000×800×2000mm
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