Pet Treats/Dog Chew Food Processing Line uses starch, wheat flour, and food additives to extrude creative forms of pet chew food, such as strips, sticks, twists, bones, core-packed bars, etc. This kind of food provides nutrition to dogs, like protein, fat, vitamin, etc., and satisfies the dog nature hobby, benefits its strong teeth, cleans mouth and teeth, and prevents disease.

When a puppy is teething, the gums become incredibly uncomfortable. Dog chews are specially made for dogs to stabilize teeth and clean the mouth; this helps with discomfort and prevents damage to household items. Additionally, one significant application for dog chews is weight loss. Dog chews differ from other foods in several ways. The dog chew helps to keep the kennel clean by encouraging the production of mycobacterial acid in the saliva. Toys are a significant addition to the dog chew, allowing them to care for themselves when their owners are unavailable. To prevent pets from biting anything at home, pass the time occasionally. They were developing techniques for making dog food using extrusion.

Dog chewing gear was made so that pet food could be made for the growing pet supply business. Two main dog chews are die-cast, skin-pressed bones, and extruded chews with molar rods.

Natural chews are made using a single-screw extruder from the Chenyang series. Regarding raw materials, the most important ones are edible glue, meat powder flavoring agents, and glutinous rice flour. By altering the mold, you may use the same machinery to create pet snack foods, like twist-style chew sticks, sandwich chews, sandwich sticks, and other CCTVs you choose. Two continuous extrusions can be used to make better dog chews depending on what the customer wants to use as raw materials.

The user's formula requirements must be considered while choosing dog chewing equipment, and the proper production configurations must be chosen. Low-speed and high-speed mixers can be chosen when creating goods with increased fresh meat content and higher viscosity; When the amount of raw powder is larger, the secondary continuous pressing can be employed to make the product more challenging, more developed and more plastic. The feeder can choose between a belt feeder and a spiral feeder.

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