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Fully Automatic Factory Flavored Popcorn Production Line

Fully Automatic Factory Flavored Popcorn Production Line

1. Fully automatic popcorn production line  
The fully automatic large-scale commercial popcorn machine is a multi-functional high-efficiency equipment that integrates agitation, dispersion and mixing.
Function 1: Short burst time Using the perfect combination of advanced electromagnetic heating system and pot material to shorten the bursting time of corn
Function 2: Multi-flavors can use the steppless frequency control to mix corn, caramel, chocolate and other flavors.
Function three: the sugar is evenly mixed, the temperature is fast, and the combination of rotation and revolution is adopted to ensure that there is no mixing blind spot in the pot;
Function 4: The spherical shape of the flower can reach the bursting temperature of the spherical corn in a short time,
effectively solving the problem of the intelligent popcorn type corn on the market.

2.Flow chart: Popcorn Sugar coating or flavoring  → Filting and separate→ Cooling → Packaging machine

3. Capacity: 50kg/h;120-150kg/h; 250kg/h and up.





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Fully Automatic Factory Popcorn Making and Coating Line Popcorn Production And Flavoring Equipment

This line can make every flavor of popcorn coated by coating sugar or powders. It's really high cost-effective and labor-saving. 

* Support to add more popcorn machines directly in this line to enlarge the capacity.
* Modularization design, easy to maintain and replace.
* Equipped with an automatic alarm system, an adjustable digital display and control for precise temperature settings and measuring actual product temperature.
* High-quality spare parts from World-famous Brand ABB, SIEMENS and DELTA, ensure a safe stable operation and longer working life.
* Apply industrial PLC control system to ensure the stability of the whole line.

Product Description

This Industrie Popcorn Machine/Popcorn Caramelizer/Popcorn Factory Equipment for industry is a large capacity production line for making mushroom popcorn, america maggic popcorn, ball shape popcorn, etc. This line is easy to operate with lower cost and higher production.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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