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Artificial rice production line

This line can produce different shapes of rice by adding a variety of nutrients

1.Human access to food is one of the major sources of nutrition, but the general content of nutrient elements in grains are in varies. As a result of a large number of proteins and trace elements losses during processing, so that greatly reduce nutrients, artificial rice (food Simulation) technology is crowded pressure principle of renewable use in the food breakthrough. The most important feature of technology is necessary for the body to add a variety of nutrients to foods to produce a variety of health food products, food and functional food effects.

2. Flow chart of Artificial Rice Machine Production Line: Mixing system---Conveying system----Extrusion system----Air blower----Drying system----Cooling system.

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1. Artificial nutrition rice production line is developed to meet the demands of food nutrition.This production line is improved to avoid the loss of nutritional elements in the rice which is made by the traditional rice processing. It has characters of high automatic,easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection.The raw materials for artificial rice processing can be rice,black rice,buckwheat and other grains(broken rice and rice bran can be reused).You can also add additional nutrient components, such as vitamins, minerals etc.After extruding, forming and drying, you can get the nutritional artificial rice,which is eaten same as natural rice.2. Row materials: Broken rice, rice flour, other grain flour, vitamin premix, nutrition powder, etc3. Mixer--Screw conveyor-- Twin screw extruder-- Sifter-- Air conveyor--Dryer--Cooling conveyor4. Capacity: 100/200/300kg/hLUERYA Machinery Best Single screw extruder nutritional rice production line of Bangladesh customer FactoryPrice-LUERYA MachineryLUERYA Machinery Customized Best twin screw extruder nutritional rice production line FactoryPrice manufacturers FromChina
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Project: Artificial rice production lineCountry: Bangladesh The artificial rice production line is widely used to produce instant rice which can be cooked within 3-5mins with hot water, you can mix with different flavors , the raw materails can be broken rice powder only, which is lower cost with higher profit. We can not only supply good machines but also supply good receipts..
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