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Is it worth getting a 2 ton per h Pet food production line - Russia customer choice in 2022


We are very proud to sell a 2-ton-per-hour pet food production line to a Russian customer in 2022. It not only has a high output but is also stable. The most important feature is that it uses Mingde Machinery's cutting-edge vacuum spray flavoring equipment. This vacuum 

Spraying equipment is superior to traditional roller seasoning equipment. The equipment has two benefits: first, the spraying is more even, and second, when the pet food is vacuumed, it is better in terms of cleanliness, quality, and taste. It gets rid of the problems that come with roller spraying, like uneven and unsanitary seasoning and pets not liking to eat. This customer got in touch with us through our website because we keep an open line of communication with them so we can respond to their ideas and concerns. Our engineering and technical staff design based on what we learn from our communication.

The Russian customer agreed with the calculated plan as well, so despite being a new customer he met on the website, he had already compared many of our competitors. However, our largest and most advanced line of pet food is ordered directly by him. Thank him for trusting us!

Is it worth getting a 2 ton per h Pet food production line - Russia customer choice in 2022
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This line primarily uses meat meal, fish meal, bone powder, corn powder, soy meal, and 

other grains' powder as main ingredients to produce innovative shapes, high nutritional pet 

food for dogs, cats, foxes, birds, etc., as well as floating or sinking aquatic feed for 

fish or shrimp, etc.

1.Raw Materials: Corn Powder, Soybean Meal, Fish Meal, Meat Meal, and 

Other Grain Powder

2.Products: Pet food, such as dog, cat, fish, and bird food, with various 

shapes and flavors produced by modifying dies and formulations.

3.Capacity ranges from 120-

150 kg/h, 200-300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, and 2000 kg/h.

4.Voltage: Single phase: 

220V/50HZ, three phases: 380V/50HZ; we can make it to the local voltage required by 

customers in various countries.

5.Materials: Food grade stainless steel is used to construct 

all of the machines.

6. Flowchart: Mixing system, extrusion system, drying system, and 

flavoring system

packing technique

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