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fish food pellet processing line
The fish food pellet machine is mostly made up of a system for treating raw materials, an extrusion system, a drying system, a system for adding flavor, and a system for controlling the machine. It is very stable and works automatically. You can control how much the extruder expands in different ways to change the final texture of the product.


Is it worth getting a sala burgles chips production line? | MINGDE
This line automates the production of traditional artisanal wheat meals. It stays crispy and does not become greasy. It also demonstrates how raw materials can be used in a variety of ways. Twin screw extruders are the only ones that can mix, fry, puff, shape, and so on. A pattern processing machine, a compound shaping machine, and a frying machine are all parts of the fried corn chip machine. Bugles, pillows, goldfish, and other 3D fried snack foods are all possible.


what is old customer feedback about cereals making machine? | MINGDE
Snack food machines use advanced extrusion technology and start with ingredients like corn, rice, wheat, and oats. By changing the extruder's molds and production methods, we can make a wide range of popular puffy snacks. It has a flexible plan and can change quickly. The public likes it and agrees with it.


About MINGDE How to produce snack food user manual | MINGDE
Raw materials, extrusion, core filling, shaping, cutting, and flavoring can all be done simultaneously with the puffed snack product line. It is a high level of automation, a wide range of raw materials, machines, and products, and it is easy to operate. It can make puffed foods like snack foods with a center, biscuits that fill you up, healthy breakfast cereals, and cornflakes. When the products are puffed, they have a unique taste and are crunchy. They are the best foods to eat when you want to take it easy.


what is Best service before delivery? | MINGDE
Mingde pet food machinery ensures that the packaging and stacking of the goods are safe and reasonable before delivery. Our detail-oriented shipping ensures product lines reach customers safely.


Is it worth getting a snack food production line ready for shipment? | MINGDE
Snack food production line ready for shipment Mingde snack food machinery are exported to countries worldwide. We have completed all foreign customer orders without being affected by the epidemic, and the product lines waiting to be shipped full of workshopsBesides the snack food production line, we can also supply dog food production line, pet treats snack food machine, instant noodles production line, corn flakes production line, bread crumb production line etc, for more details welcome you visit 


tartary buckwheat flake equipment successfully runned in Beijing
 tartary buckwheat flake equipment can produce buckwheat flake which is widely used for breakfast food, mixed with hot water, milk etcThe raw materials can be buckwheat powder, corn powderetcThe capcaities: 100kg/h 200-300kg/h 400-500kg/h


Who are we, and why choose us? How does it work?
1. Customer contact: Build a strong customer relationship by knowing their situation.2. Feasibility Analysis: Look at the product, the plant as a whole, how the equipment is set up, and the customer's budget, and come up with a good plan.3. Quote: "Provide equipment quotation."4. Technical discussion: resolve consumers' concerns about production, color, appearance, etc.5. Bargaining: Both parties agree on the price required to purchase the equipment.6. Letter of Intent: Write a letter of intent between the two parties that explains how the buy-sell partnership will work.7. Contract: After the letter of intent confirms that there are no problems, the contract can be signed, and the equipment planning and design process can begin.8. Design confirmation: Provide production line and equipment flow charts for customer approval.9. Production: After ensuring no problems, design the production equipment.10. Factory testing: After the equipment is finished, the customer is required to take part in the actual online testing and quality control inspection of the raw materials in the factory.11. Delivery: After passing the test, delivery will be made according to the trade contract.12. Transportation: Optional shipping methods, such as air or sea shipping13. Installation: The technical engineer will visit the customer site to install it. 14. Cold commissioning: Conduct equipment idling tests to confirm voltage stability, gas pressure, and heating effect. 15. Hot Commissioning: After idling, put it into a raw material production test and teach personnel to use it.16. Acceptance: Confirm the customer's last equipment, production samples, etc.17. Warranties: MD provides a one-year worldwide warranty service.


Why were we chosen as a provider of machinery lines by China's top pet supply manufacturer, Zhongheng Group?
Jiangsu Zhongheng group company is currently China's largest domestic manufacturer of pet food supplies. The company purchased the twin screw extruder from our competitor three years ago. Still, some extrusion technical problems can not be solved in time, through a recommendation to find us to get help. Finally, we successfully solved the problem with the assistance of our experienced technicians from Mingde company. Currently, Jiangsu Zhongheng group company has purchased a lot of equipment from us and promised Mingde to become the designated extrusion machinery supplier of Zhongheng Group. Later, as the business expanded, more new equipment was needed in the meantime we satisfied their technical needs. Jiangsu Zhongheng group and Mingde company have become strategic business partners. The reason is we cherish our reputation and customer feedback. 


Is it worth getting a 2 ton per h Pet food production line - Russia customer choice in 2022
We are very proud to sell a 2-ton-per-hour pet food production line to a Russian customer in 2022. It not only has a high output but is also stable. The most important feature is that it uses Mingde Machinery's cutting-edge vacuum spray flavoring equipment. This vacuum Spraying equipment is superior to traditional roller seasoning equipment. The equipment has two benefits: first, the spraying is more even, and second, when the pet food is vacuumed, it is better in terms of cleanliness, quality, and taste. It gets rid of the problems that come with roller spraying, like uneven and unsanitary seasoning and pets not liking to eat. This customer got in touch with us through our website because we keep an open line of communication with them so we can respond to their ideas and concerns. Our engineering and technical staff design based on what we learn from our communication.The Russian customer agreed with the calculated plan as well, so despite being a new customer he met on the website, he had already compared many of our competitors. However, our largest and most advanced line of pet food is ordered directly by him. Thank him for trusting us!


Automatic Spaghetti pasta making  extruder  machine
Automatic Spaghetti pasta making  extruder  machine  just tested in our factory for inpecting.Macaroni pasta making extruder machine is fully automatic with high capacity.The raw materails can be wheat flour, corn starch etc.


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